This is a Beta version. Confidant Mail with GPG 1.4 has been stable. The code has supported GPG 2.1 for the past several versions, but this is the first release bundled (Windows, Mac) with GPG 2.1.21 instead of GPG 1.4. There may be some surprises, because GPG 2.1 is very different in how it handles passphrases. The testers using v0.38 ran into passphrase timeout problems, which have been handled in v0.39.

Detached signature (sig) file after each package can be verified with the GPG key.
confmail-signer-key.asc - GPG key used to sign all releases

Confidant Mail Downloads (v0.39) with GPG 2.1
confmailinst.exe - Windows 7/8 self-contained installer package - sig
Users with modern versions of Windows (7, 8, and 10) should use the package above. - Windows 7/8 portable binaries - sig
confmailinst-xp.exe - Windows XP self-contained installer package - sig
vcredist_x86_windowsxp.exe - Visual C++ redistributable - install this first on XP only - source code only - sig
confidantmail_0.39-2.deb - basic Debian Jessie package - sig
Debian Jessie / Ubuntu 16.04 / Tails 3.1 auto install command - paste this line into a Terminal:
wget && /bin/bash debian-installer.bash
Users with Debian Jessie, Ubuntu 16.04, or Tails 2/3 should use the installer or package above.
ConfidantMail.dmg.bz2 - Mac OS 10.9 binaries - sig
Users with Mac OS 10.9 and above should use the package above.
confidantmail-0.39-2-any.pkg.tar.xz - Arch Linux pacman package - sig
Arch users should run these commands:
sudo pacman -U confidantmail-0.39-2-any.pkg.tar.xz

New tutorial May 2016: Click Windows or Linux for a step-by-step screen recording showing you how to install and use Confidant Mail.