Confidant Mail SMTP notification

For the last year I have been using Confidant Mail regularly, and I often found myself texting or emailing people "Check CM" after I sent them a CM. I added a server-side feature to automatically send SMTP email alerts when new CM arrives. The alert does not show who sent the message, because the server doesn't know that. It just tells you a new message has arrived.

This feature is now publicly available. You can receive a message in your Gmail, Yahoo, or other regular email account when a CM is sent to you. You can also set the alert to go to your phone as a text message, using the email to text address (,, or similar depending on your provider.)

To enable SMTP notification, look up this key in CM:
SMTP Notification Agent <> 1a7c151cd52dff3cbcc849b242eec0d5505f4090

Send a message to the agent with:
notify address@host.domain
as the only thing in the body. You will get an automatic reply within five minutes. To turn off notification, send a message with:
as the only thing in the body.