This is the first dialog that appears when you start the program. To open an existing account, double-click the line for the account, or select the line and then click [Open]. The program will display an error if you try to open an account which is already open.

The rest of the buttons are:

Each account has a random-access file called the Folder Index, which maps messages to categories. This file could get corrupted, for example, if you turn off the computer while an operation is in progress. The Check function, under Repair, verifies the integrity of this file.

The program keeps a transaction log, which is a sequential list of changes to the Folder Index. The Repair function creates a new Folder Index by replaying the transaction log and then copying messages and folder links to a new file. Use this if messages are missing or you get exceptions.

There is no way to delete an account from within the program. If you want to delete an account, use your operating system to remove the corresponding directory. There is no way to recover a deleted account unless you have kept a backup.

If you used the Windows installer, click on the icon to start the program. If you downloaded the portable executable, click on [confidantmail.exe]. If you are running from source, the program is normally started with the command:
$ pythonw
$ python
To select a different home directory, run:
$ python -homedir /homedir-path
To open an account directly without the chooser, run:
$ pythonw -homedir /path-to-account