Operating systemPackage typeGPGDownloadSig
Windows 7/8/10Installer1.4confmailinst.exesig
Windows 7/8/10Portable executable1.4confmail-winpe.zipsig
MacOS 10.9 or laterDMG package1.4ConfidantMail.dmg.bz2sig
Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/Tailsdeb package1.4confidantmail_0.41-1.debsig
Windows XPInstaller1.4confmailinst-xp.exesig
Arch Linuxpacman package2.1confidantmail-0.41-1-any.pkg.tar.xzsig
AllSource code confmail-src.zipsig
Whonixdeb package1.4confidantmail_whonix_0.41-1.debsig
Use the packages above by default. Use the packages below only if you want to test GPG 2.1
MacOS 10.9 or laterDMG package2.1ConfidantMail-gpg21.dmg.bz2sig
Windows 7/8/10Installer2.1confmailinst-gpg21.exesig
Windows 7/8/10Portable executable2.1confmail-winpe-gpg21.zipsig
Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/Tailsdeb package2.1confidantmail_0.41-2.debsig
Windows XPInstaller2.1confmailinst-xp-gpg21.exesig

GPG 2.1 notes

Other crypto tools (not written by me - external links)

Entangled v0.12 peer-to-peer library - derived from v0.1 on Sourceforge. I fixed some bugs.
OpenSSL for Windows - you will need this to create certificates and DH parameters for a Windows-based server.
DiskCryptor - open source hard disk encryption, a must-have companion for secure email.
VeraCrypt - Hard disk encryption tool now supports Windows 8 and 10 EFI partitions.
GNU Privacy Guard - the standard public key file and message encryption tool, and the crypto engine of Confidant Mail.
TOR anonymity utility - required to use Confidant Mail anonymously.
I2P anonymity utility - another anonymous network, also supported by Confidant Mail.
Pidgin IM - instant messaging client, use with OTR below.
Off-the-Record Messaging - encrypt your instant messaging. The most secure way to have a real-time chat. Overlays onto Pidgin above.
Openfire chat server - the server for Pidgin OTR.
Duplicati backup - open source encrypted cloud backup.
Syncthing - cryptographic file sync between computers